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With the advantage of an established IT and telecommunications network, together with contracts in place with a number of acquiring banks, Tourist Center and Payment Processing Corporation are able to offer their credit card acquiring service to business predominantly within their geographical areas of operation.

Credit Card Payment Processing Services

Internatinoal Cards - VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners, JCB
Local Cards - BPI, Unicard, RCBC

Again beginning on Boracay Island almost a decade ago, and now offering the same facilities in other branch areas, TCC/PPC provides a distinctive payment processing facility to merchants who wish to accept credit card payments for their products & services.

TCC/PPC consolidates all major international and local credit cards and is an affiliated credit card Master Merchant and Merchant Service Provider for RCBC-Bankard, Equitable-PCIB, HSBC, BPI, Metrobank, Security Bank and American Express.

The payment processing service allows merchants to forward their credit card charge slips to TCC/PPC and receive settlement from the acquirer through TCC/PPC. Settlement payment is facilitated by TCC/PPC in the form of check or direct deposit to bank account. TCC/PPC processes these transactions in a special agreement with the acquirers.

To facilitate the card approval system among the establishments, TCC/PPC provides qualified merchants with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) machines. These machines are programmed to dial-up the acquirer’s authorizing system.

The uniqueness of our service is that we cater not only to large-account merchants but also to Small & Medium Enterprises or SME’s. In our existing locations, SME’s are now able to accept credit card payments for their services or products, and need not limit their market to cash-paying customers only.

TCC/PPC provide them with manual imprinters and approval access from the acquirer via our 24/7 call center.


1.  All-in-One Card Acceptance – Merchant only has to sign an agreement with us in order to accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Diners, American Express and BPI Credit Card. You need not deal with the headache of negotiating with various credit card companies to enable you to accept all types of credit cards.

2.  Prompt payment of credit card transactions – We process transactions immediately for the merchant upon presentation of sales slips (plus supporting documents, when required), and facilitate payment within 24 hours either by check or credit to merchant’s bank account.

3.  365 Day Service – Our offices are open everyday including holidays, generally from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Office hours varies between branches). Additionally 24/7 telephone support is available any time from our Manila head office.

4.  Immediate assistance – we promptly assist merchants in troubleshooting EDC terminals, responding to cardholder’s concerns, and any other credit card related matters.

5.  Personal Service – we can customize our standard service depending on the specialized needs or requirements of our merchants.

6.  Chargeback Handling and Post-Transaction Assistance – We assist merchants with any post transaction queries, such as data requests, late presentment problems, and chargeback handling.

7.  EDC Terminals & other supplies – We provide qualified merchants with Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminal and/or manual imprinter together with marketing materials needed to enable a merchant to commence credit card acceptance.

Presently we have approximately 1000 merchants for our existing branches. With additional marketing efforts and campaigns, TCC/PPC are projecting a considerable increase of its merchant base this year. Click here for Testimonials.